August 27, 2010


Courtesy is often taken for granted. Especially by those of us who grew up with Canadian parents, courtesy comes naturally (or at least it seems that way). It's gotten to the point where if someone doesn't say thank you when I hold the door open I'm quite shocked.

But no where am I more anal (as has often been said) as when it comes to punctuality. I am very rarely late for anything, and so I expect the same of my friends or others. My friend A is always late... for everything. Church, school, work, a shopping trip. . . it drives me up the wall.

So today I had to take a placement test to take French this year, and the test was supposed to start at 10 AM, with a second one in the afternoon. In the interests of being on time, I get there at 9:30, to find a rather long line ( I was number 135, and there were at least 200 after). That was expected, and I start talking to my neighbours. 10 o'clock rolls around, and there's no movement. 10:15, nothing. 10:30, nothing. At 10:45, the line finally begins to move, and twenty people before me we're told to simply come back for the afternoon test. This test was due to end at 11:15, and they couldn't start on time? I had plans! I was going to go to work right after and get a head start on the whole day! Instead I had to go to work, do a bit, come back, take the test, and then go back to work. I can get that it's stressfull, but it's not like having that many people was unexpected! It just annoys me that because they couldn't organise themselves, I had to waste most of my day, when I was on time! Like Charles Dickens said;

I never could have done what I have done without the habits of punctuality, order, and diligence, without the determination to concentrate myself on one subject at a time.

And who doesn't want to be like good old Charles?

Anyways, I didn't do as badly as I expected, so that's a plus.


August 24, 2010


So yesterday was our 'Rez Fest,' that time when all the residences get together and try to form bonds through friendly competition. But why then, do almost all cheers one is forced to learn the lyrics and moves to have some reference to drugs/drinking and/or a hip thrust? Seriously, is that all we got?
Needless to say, we won despite being the smallest, but was that the reason for so brazenly showing our fellow clasmates our sexual prowess? To appear bigger? Because one of the residences did keep saying size does matter . . .
But I also have to admit that our house was one of the most conservative. I swear most of the incoming engineering students live with us, as well as all the nerds and those with interesting stories. References to alcohol could very well be lost on us, and certainly me.
Anyways, a little bit of school sprit for you.


August 22, 2010


It's Timbit time! Geez I love thi s place, even if they've start ed seriously sugar coating everything.

Sorry, to the dough!

Did you know that according to suicide statistics, Monday is the favored day? Certainly gives new meaning to that song who's name I don't know, but goes "just another manic Monday!"

Good old Norman . . . or Bái Qiúēn
The three best-known western names in China: Jesus Christ, Richard Nixon, and Elvis Presley (apparently . . . Which I find really strange, because I was never called Jesus, Richard or Elvis when I was there. But everyone knew Norman Bethune (Canadian doctor who worked with the People's Liberation Army).

Apparently when you have a long narrow room which runs along an outside wall, Canadian architects can't seem to see the logic in putting more than one window it larger than two feet across! Architects and Engineers are the most demanding faculties? Geez. seems to me that they graduated in Korea.



I know, I know, I've been dreadful. I could, like other bloggers blame it on the summer heat, when responsibilities are set free like birds in Myanmar, but just like those birds, they always find their way back to their owners. It's been 30 degrees for the last year for me, so that excuse is out of it. In all honesty, I've been going through a few life changes. As you know, if you've read any of my old posts, I was a resident of Thailand for the last year as a volunteer at the Mercy Centre. That year has ended, and a return to what many would consider 'the real world' of work and bills has ensued.
So something about this blog will have to change, because now I'm a bona fide university student! One of the collegiate masses. . . Sweet. How it will all go down is for me to find out . . .  and for you to read about?

Now, my poor neglected reading duo, you're still going to get some good stories and the same righteous anger as before, but now my subjects won't be the world of NGO working as much as the stupidity of pubescent, acne stricken children. I honestly can't tell how old these people are . . .

Seriously though, I've just started, and I already feel miles ahead of these newbies.
Guess that's what you get for taking a year off.

Coming soon to a theatre near you,
The Muse with a Twist!
(wait... does that make me a twisted muse?)