August 24, 2010


So yesterday was our 'Rez Fest,' that time when all the residences get together and try to form bonds through friendly competition. But why then, do almost all cheers one is forced to learn the lyrics and moves to have some reference to drugs/drinking and/or a hip thrust? Seriously, is that all we got?
Needless to say, we won despite being the smallest, but was that the reason for so brazenly showing our fellow clasmates our sexual prowess? To appear bigger? Because one of the residences did keep saying size does matter . . .
But I also have to admit that our house was one of the most conservative. I swear most of the incoming engineering students live with us, as well as all the nerds and those with interesting stories. References to alcohol could very well be lost on us, and certainly me.
Anyways, a little bit of school sprit for you.


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