April 22, 2010

How to Say Goodbye to a Nation

  1. Visit the heart of ongoing protests in the vain search for pillowcases, giving yourself blisters in the process
  2. Throw a (lame) party by getting a pity invite to someone's house and inviting the five people you know and can communicate with
  3. Spend six hours downloading the latest Gossip Girl (he he, guilty pleasure) so you can have something to do later
  4. Insist on carrying everything with you, even if it means your suitcase is 10 kg overweight
  5. Take a company car to the airport, accompanied only by the students who were ordered to come with you
  6. Get bitten by a potentially rabid dog while peacefully walking down the street literally 30 meters from your house 
  . . .

Wait. . . What?

That's not a very nice way to say goodbye to the people and country you've lived in and dedicated 7 months of your life to!

Congratulations, you've figured out that the way to say goodbye is both a) not as is described above and b) non-existant.

Of course there's no way to say goodbye, and goodbye is mostly just a new beginning as is illustrated here,
 and certainly not an entire country,except to relive your greatest memories and enjoy your closest friends. I couldn't do that, mostly because of the protests and because of the Songkran holiday, but that doesn't mean I resent it. Except for the dog bit. I'll get into that later, as well as a potentially tearful goodbye to Mercy. .

Just wanted to let you know that I'm alive, and indeed out of  danger in terms of protests, though not necessarily dogs.


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    1. Well, I won't ask you where you are from but are you still in Thailand?