February 3, 2011


So I've always been dreadful with setting goals for myself. "I'll finish that novel in two months": two years later, no more words have been added (that's partially because I was traumatised. . . yes, my own novel). "I'm going to go see that Shakespeare tomorrow. .  ." While in the realm of possibility, my goals never seem to reach fruition. So, inspired by Ms. Sarah Von over at yes and yes (which is one of those things you should be reading), my friend L and I have made a list, which I will share as motivation for myself to actually do them: 
20 Things To Do Before We Turn 20
  1. Take a Dance Class
  2. Hike to the top of the mountain and have a picnic
  3. Spend a day doing 'snow architecture' (at least one of which must be a snowman)
  4. See a musical/play
  5. Go see a rock group in concert
  6. Play volleyball on the beach
  7. Sit in on a cool class that you're not taking
  8. Stay up all night watching chick flicks
  9. Get a mani/pedi/facial
  10. Spend a day eating only red things
  11. Get ice cream from Ben & Jerry's
  12. Bake something your mum used to make for you
  13. Buy 50 bagels from Fairmount in one go
  14. Spend a day on a Bixi bike
  15. Steal H's milk and photograph the theft (a reference to another incident with his milk)
  16. Spend a week testing out new recipes 
  17. Have a photoshoot 
  18. Try Hot Yoga
  19. Go to a restaurant and pretend not to speak either English or French
  20. Start scrapbooking college

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