February 6, 2011

Read: The Book Thief

Ok, so I haven't read this in a really long time (I'm in college, we don't read!), but I highly recommend it. It has it's own sparknotes page, that means it has to be good.
First of all, it's narrated by Death. Yes, Death, but this is Death like you've never seen him before. He views the world in terms of colours, and I'll just leave it at that. Second, it's a book about books and the love thereof. Duh. Third, the main character is wonderfully rendered and fascinating in terms of motivation.
I won't go into it more, but read it : Marcus Zusack The Book Thief.

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  1. I am in loveee with this book! It's really really reallyyyy good :)

    <3 Belly B