January 11, 2010

Here Goes . . . .

This is my first time, OK, so bear that in mind now, and for all future postings, that these are the musings of an inexperienced 18 year old. Of course, that doesn't mean I expect you to cut me some slack, but they're my opinions, and you know what? If you don't like then, you can go find another blog to read.

I'm not generally this prim and proper (though I'm sure some people I know would say I am), but this is an introduction, and I have to make a good impression.

To start with, let me explain my title, before people start dissing it (not that that's ever stopped them before). Muse is

  1. the source of an artist's inspiration, generally a woman inspiring a man, after the 9 mythical daughters of Zeus, patrons of the arts; or
  2. to think deeply on a topic, often speaking aloud at the same time; or
  3. A town in the north of Myanmar** (which is really cool, since I'm hoping you'll discover my love of Myanmar later); or
  4. A Band, but that doesn't really influence me at all, other than the fact that I like one of their songs.

I'm sure you already knew all that (maybe not the bit about Myanmar, because I just learned that), but the point is this: what person doesn't want to inspire something great, either with their intensely profound thoughts or with their stunning beauty and character? Models get to be considered muses all the time, so why can't the common woman consider herself the same?

I suppose its also keeping my sense of worth intact; to call this 'Muse' gives me the illusion that I'm both somewhat attractive and deep. I graduated high school in June of what I guess was last year, and now I'm in Thailand volunteering in the Slums of Bangkok. It's a bit of a change from my previous locale, but I'm here, partially to find myself, but more importantly to make a difference.

Yes I'm a naive child who thinks I can make the world a better place, and you know what? I like it! At least I'm trying, not sitting on my butt doing nothing! (Ironic, since that's what I'm doing Right now, but I won't be in an hour!)

So that's why its 'Muse;' because I want to inspire people to get out there and make a change, and to inspire the kids I work with to make something of their lives and move past their histories. This may degenerate into a simple listing of all my activities in a day, but I don't care. Que Serra, Serra.


** I insist on calling it Myanmar, not the ' Burma, also known as Myanmar' we normally see. Sorry for any offense I may cause, but its a habit that won't be broken.

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