January 28, 2010

Communication is the Key

Phone Calls. Its a sad day when in this age of technology and the new 'Ipad' we can't get the simple telephone to work. Invented in 1876, its one of the oldest technological conveniences to have survived into the 21st century, and yet . . .

It took me a while to get my 6 year old Nokia to work in Thailand; it turned out that a certain network's SIM card wouldn't work in it, but I got it fixed. But no one calls me.

Now, you might say, why don't you use Skype? That wonderful internet invention that in the reincarnation of your outdated cell phone? Well, and I will tell you, that you need the internet to use Skype, a resonably fast connection as such. And when asked why I don't use Skype very often, I will answer you; I don't have a very reliable internet connection, and even when I have the connection, it's too slow to actually carry on a conversation. So I set up call forwarding, so even when I don't have internet, my beloved peps can still contact me.

But do they?

No such luck.

So I'm just very lonely teen battling a new obssession with second rate ice cream from 7/11. Yes, I want to talk to my peoples, is that so strange? Since I can't talk to them, anyone have any ideas on this . . . frozen dessert problem?


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