January 29, 2010

New Food

So, since I'm such a loser as to have absolutely no one who reads this, I had no ideas how to stop the ice cream urges, except to drink water. Lots, and lots of water. Sure, I resisted the urge for the rest of the day (Though as I write this I want it. . . I want it!), but I discovered a new food.

I often get given gifts of food, things that I otherwise would not have touched, but today it was an interesting item called Kanom Tam. I was skeptical; they looked like large, pudgy orange dumplings covered in long strips of coconut. It ended up being mildly sweet bread that had a consistency reminiscent of a heavy english muffin. The coconut was rather disappointing though, being stringy and vaguely salty without being actually integrated.

I'd put up pictures, but I ate the evidence. But I'll try to do this again so you can see the causes of my increasing obesity.


P.S. Just to let no one know, A called me yesterday and ate up all my skype credit. Got cut off halfway through, but its ok, just talking was good. There's talk of either I going back there or she coming to where ever I am come March so we can get together again!

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