January 14, 2010

Oranges and Introductions

I like oranges; living in Thailand, I've come to appreciate, and expect the availability of fresh, cheap fruit. Sunday, I splurged a bit. . . not much, but a bit . . . I was in the store, and yes, I bought two bags of mandarin oranges. I took them home enjoyed a few out of a single bag, and put the rest in the fridge. Monday I had some more . . . By Tuesday, one bag had been mysteriously eaten, so I opened the second bag, removing but a single orange. But Wednesday, when I went for my quick and easy breakfast of, as you may have guessed, oranges, the whole bag was gone! Gone with the wind!

Now, I am not such a spend thrift that I can't stand to see someone else eat my oranges, but by Jove, I want to have some too! I save money, but I don't scrimp, but this . . . MY BREAKFAST WAS GONE! The first (and last time) I skipped breakfast in Thailand, I almost fainted from the heat and sugar deprevation, so I learned never to do it again. I had to eat only peanuts, which are relatively dry, and the whole day was off, beginning with the theft of my oranges.
Let me introduce you to the suspects, also known as my room/house mates:
  1. J, my 24 year old, Korean-American roommate. Devoted to Mercy, her research fellowship, losing the weight she's gained here, and most recently, Khao Pad Gom Yao or Fried rice with squid. I must admit . . . it does look good . . . however, her recent obsession with running for two hours every day and her plea of innocence puts her guilt in a questionable state
  2. P is a 21 year old Thai University student. She shares the top floor (and air conditioner) with me and J, and also has a window looking out over our room. Why this archtectural oddity, I cannot say. A former Mercy girl and student of the Lester B. Pearson School in Canada with a farang or foreign boyfriend I have yet to meet, she is a possibility
  3. G is P's best friend, and though she technically doesn't live in the house, she might as well. She's a former Mercy girl who now works as an insurance call lady whose working hours are unknown. She and P regularly engage in late night movies and Thai drama marathons, during which they drink coke and eat various foods found in the local. Coincindence? I know naught!
  4. Mah, our housemother who is really simply a silent adult presence in the house, lives in a locked chamber downstairs. I've never seen or heard of her comng upstairs, so the likelyhood she'd raid the fridge is unlikely
  5. T, a 16 year old volunteer of confused origin who speaks fluent Thai, T doesn't live with us but is often comes around to get away from the noise of Mercy 4 where she lives. Since the fruit in question disappeared sometime after dark, she's also unlikely, considering a ridiculous 6:30 curfew.
  6. The RABBITS! closest to the fridge, silent as . . . well, a rabbit, and as hungry as the Kraken, it must have been them! I knew they always looked at me with a strange gleam in their eyes. . . orange lust?
Anyways, the oranges are gone, and I'll simply have to go out and get some more. At least you know my house now.


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